What I'm Proposing

  • Pass Houston’s Version of SB 295: We need a city ordinance that mimics what was attempted at the state level with SB 295. This legislation would outline basic quality of life standards for animals, including shelter regulations, access to potable water, and restraint restrictions. Enforcing this type of ordinance would protect animals from abuse and mistreatment.

  • Establish an Animal Cruelty Registry: Just like registries for other forms of abuse, those charged with animal cruelty would be added to a registry that would prevent them from fostering, adopting, or owning an animal. This registry would be made accessible to both public & private shelters.

  • Mandatory Micro-Chipping: Bolstering resources for mandatory micro-chipping programs will help reduce the time that animals spend in the shelters. In addition, getting more animals chipped will reduce pressure from already-overloaded organizations as they try to identify the animal. 

  • Expand Spay & Neuter Resources: Granting additional resources to high-volume S/N services & training will greatly curb our stray animal overpopulation. We need more people to be trained in the proper procedure, and it is in our City's interest to tackle the stray animal population by investing in this program.

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Animal issues are finally getting the attention they deserve - now it's time for action. I am ready to work with the experts to dramatically improve animal welfare in our city, enforcing protections & bolstering resources to our shelters.

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