Quality Constituent Service For Our Neighborhoods

What I'm Proposing

  • Consistent Garbage Pickup: I've had many conversations with residents who have stories of behind-schedule, inconsistent trash pickup. The Waste Management Department has blamed its drivers rather than questioning the strategies of department heads. I believe it is time to usher in new leadership & demand accountability for this basic city service.

  • Ensure Recycling Is Recycled: A recent investigation by KHOU uncovered our recycling trucks dumping millions of pounds of recycling into landfills. The City has failed its promise to protect our environment if we cannot properly execute recycling pickup. The supervisors who approved this practice should be replaced to ensure this practice does not continue.

  • Enact One Bin For All: The City abandoned a project from the Parker administration that would have provided cheaper, One Bin For All waste management for Houston. This policy would have reduced our dependence on expensive landfills, protected the environment, and reduced pressure off our garbage fleet. I am interested in bringing this program back to the negotiation table. 

  • Smooth Roads & Walkable Sidewalks: Improving our 311 system to ensure rapid response times for road & sidewalk repairs is a priority of mine. Filling potholes and fixing broken sidewalks is not a hard task - it is a matter of willpower. I will develop close lines of communication with our civic associations and super-neighborhoods to prioritize construction projects. Expect prompt solutions from my office.

  • Tackling Homelessness: I will not allow encampments to form in any part of Houston because they are dangerous and breed crime. That being said, we have a duty to bolster our current shelters and focus Health Department resources on mental health assistance to our homeless population. I will find innovative solutions, such as repurposing abandoned buildings, to increase the amount of shelters & get people off the streets.

  • Increased Drainage & Ditch Cleanup: I will work with our civic associations, super-neighborhoods, and residents to identify which drains need immediate cleaning. The days of constituents waiting endlessly for their street's drains & ditches to be maintained are over. I look forward to expediting the process by which the Public Works Departments operates.

Like These Policies?

A neighborhood is supposed to be a place where people can feel comfortable and safe raising their loved ones, not a place where they have to worry about dangerous roads or whether their trash will be picked up that day. I will be an advocate to every one of my constituents in Houston as a problem solver for these issues in our day-to-day lives.

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