Improving Quality Of Life In Our NeighborhoodS

What I'm Proposing

  • Recycling programs in the City of Houston are unacceptable. A recent investigation by KHOU uncovered our recycling trucks throwing recycling materials into garbage trucks that go to the landfill. We all work too hard to protect our environment only for city officials to betray their promise. The supervisors who approved this practice should be investigated by the Inspector General's office and those reports should be made public.

  • When you put your garbage out at night, you expect it to be picked up the next day. This should be pretty simple. The excuse we get when it is not picked up is that we have an aging garbage fleet. That is not an excuse. If the City does not have a program to monitor the lifespan of garbage trucks and other city vehicles, then that is a failure of leadership. I will call for an investigation the current trash director and, if necessary, work to replace them with a more competent steward of this vital city service. 

  • The cost of recycling across the country is skyrocketing. If elected, I will work with the new mayor to revisit the reason we cancelled a planned contract with a company to provide cheaper, One Bin For All waste management to our city. This would have taken a significant pressure off our garbage fleet, and reduced expensive landfill contracts that haven't been rebid for years. 

  • Our neighborhoods deserve quality roads. They’re used by mothers and fathers to get their children to school, commute to a hard day’s work, and transport our loved ones safely. Again, our lack of publicly-accessible 311 reports keep residents in the dark and discourage accountability. My promise to you is to restore our shattered infrastructure by identifying every instance of damage to roads and helping to facilitate solutions for residents and civic associations. Expect prompt solutions from my office. If someone in Houston runs over a pothole that has been reported before and not fixed, I will demand to know why.

  • Homeless populations are growing in number across Houston. This movement of people towards our neighborhoods poses a safety and quality of life risk to our communities. The current administration has initiated alienating and inhumane practices to approaching homelessness in our City, and we have yet to see any positive results from doing so. I will not allow encampments to form in any part of Houston because they are dangerous and breed crime. That being said, we have a duty to bolster our current shelters and focus Health Department resources to provide mental health assistance. It makes our city safer. We pay both city and county taxes for mental health services, and I want to ensure that the maximum dollars are flowing where the crisis is: our district.

Like These Policies?

A neighborhood is supposed to be a place where people can feel comfortable and safe raising their loved ones, not a place where they have to worry about dangerous roads or whether their trash will be picked up that day. I will be an advocate to every one of my constituents in Houston as a problem solver for these issues in our day-to-day lives.

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