Keeping Houston Safe

What I'm Proposing

  • Enact Pay Parity Without Tax Increases Or Layoffs: The will of the people was resoundingly heard with the passage of Proposition B. A year on, the City has failed to work with the fire union to strike a deal that delivers necessary pay increases. We need to compensate our firefighters and deliver on our promise to implement Prop B without a single tax increase of layoff. I am ready to put in the hard work to make this happen immediately.

  • Hire More Police: Houston has 2.2 police officers per 1,000 citizens. Compare this to New York City, a vertical city, which has 4.4 police officers per 1,000 citizens. It is clear that we need hundreds of more police officers on the streets to keep our neighborhoods safe. No Houston neighborhood should have to hire private security to combat the lack of patrols.

  • End Human Trafficking: Houston is a leading hub of human trafficking in America - this must stop. I will fight to bolster resources to our Anti Human Trafficking Task Force and programs for survivors. We need to crack down on human trafficking and provide victims a safe and supportive recovery by partnering with local organizations. 

  • 30/30 Patrol Plan: This policy would allow police officers to bring their patrol cars home if they patrol 30 minutes before and after their shift. The vehicle would be placed in the driveway at night. The presence of patrol cars has been proven to prevent crime and would allow for more effective community policing with the amount of officers we already have. 

Anthony Dolcefino has been endorsed by the Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association for his strong support of improved conditions and treatment for our first responders.

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Click the link below to share my ideas to keep Houston safe! We can uphold our promise to pay parity, put more police on the streets, and end human trafficking. To do this, we need leadership on the council who will for resources and bold solutions.


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