The Future of Flood Prevention

What I'm Proposing

  • Spend The Drainage Fee On Drainage: Currently, only about 50% of the drainage fee you pay goes to improving drainage systems & related projects. This dedicated funding source needs to provide 100% of its dollars to this purpose to prepare our flood infrastructure for extreme weather events. 

  • Speed Up Harvey Housing Recovery Program: The federal government allocated $1.2 billion dollars for housing repairs of Hurricane Harvey victims. An investigation into the program revealed that only 4 homes were fixed in 2 years despite millions of dollars already being spent. I will ask the tough questions on where our dollars went & fight for an expedited process.

  • Live-Feeds On Work Sites: The city should require contractors to install live feeds of their construction sites so that taxpayers can keep tabs on the progress of their work. This will increase taxpayer confidence that work is actually being done in our bayous to prepare for the next storm. Transparency is key to ensuring a rapid and efficient construction process.

  • Rapid 311 Response Times: We have an obligation to Houstonians to properly maintain storm sewers and ditches. In a city prone to flooding, there is no excuse that this critical piece of infrastructure is not maintained frequently. As your At-Large council-member, I will work with our districts to increase response times for repairs & cleanups.

  • Less Concrete, More Green Space: Overdevelopment has worsened our flooding problem as we have not done our due diligence to provide green space for the water to absorb. I will work to put neighborhoods above the profits of developers and curb this dangerous trend, working with all parties to strike a delicate balance between growth & safety.

  • Houston First Flood Contracts: Millions of dollars have gone to out-of-state companies while Houston small businesses promised work after Hurricane Harvey haven't seen a penny. We need pre-selected, Houston-based firms ready for action - I will demand this change before our next hurricane season. 

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Click the link below to share my solutions for flood prevention in our neighborhoods. I live a block from Brays Bayou and know first-hand what Hurricane Harvey did to to my neighborhood. Flood prevention is priority number one. We should not have to fear every heavy rainstorm while politicians and contractors cash in and procrastinate solving the problem.

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