The Future of Flood Prevention

What I'm Proposing

  • The biggest question for even the most civically engaged resident is what progress has been made in our flood prevention efforts. Tens of millions of dollars have been pledged to tackling the issue, yet there is no communication between the politicians and the people as to how their tax dollars are being spent 2 years after Hurricane Harvey. I am proposing a public website be made available  detailing how each dollar has been spent, who its been paid to, and what work has been completed. The city should also require contractors to install live feeds of their construction sites so that taxpayers can keep minute by minute tabs on whether work is progressing. How often do you drive down Brays or White Oak bayous and not see a single person working to protect your home? It is no longer acceptable for business-as-usual to continue with these flood contracts.

  • One of the reasons it floods so bad in our district is because of the failure to properly maintain storm sewers and ditches by the Houston Public Works Department. There is simply no excuse in a city prone to flooding that this critical piece of infrastructure is not maintained frequently. I will add a database to the District C website to chronicle complaints to 311 about storm sewers and other infrastructure needs and document the city's prompt repair to those complaints.

  • A review of the disaster contracts following Hurricane Harvey make it clear that we have ignored one of the basic tenants of our promise to taxpayers: Houston First. Millions of dollars have gone to out-of-state companies while Houston small businesses promised work after the hurricane haven't seen a penny. Part of rebuilding a city is ensuring that Houstonians get the work. There will be other hurricanes. The fact that this city does not have pre-selected small business firms ready for action is unacceptable, and I will demand that this changes before our next hurricane season. 

  • The City has a drainage fee ("The Rain Tax"). Despite promises from this mayor, nearly half the revenue of this fund is spent on projects that do not effect drainage. I will not vote to approve a single penny of that money to be spent on anything but drainage, and hold whoever our mayor will be accountable for changing this.

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Click the link below to share my solutions for flood prevention in our neighborhoods. I live a block from Brays Bayou and know first-hand what Hurricane Harvey did to to my neighborhood. Flood prevention is priority number one. We should not have to fear every heavy rainstorm while politicians and contractors cash in and procrastinate solving the problem.

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