Fighting For Our firefighters

What I'm Proposing

On November 6th, 2018, the will of the people was resoundingly heard when nearly 60% of Houstonians voted for fair pay for our firefighters. This was long overdue after years of reports of inadequate resources being given to these brave men and women who keep our city safe. Instead of keeping our promise to uphold Prop B, Mayor Turner began his betrayal campaign against our firefighters. Turner brazenly rejected the result of Prop B, stating in a press conference that he would not respect the election’s outcome. This resulted in the firing of 220 men from the force, with the mayor citing a lack of funding to be able to uphold Prop B. This is simply false. We have millions of dollars hiding away in bad deals and corrupt spending that could be used to keep our promise without a single tax increase or layoff. Additionally, Mayor Turner has spent millions of taxpayer dollars litigating the result of fair pay vote that the majority of Houstonians approved of. When our mayor decides to end the charade and properly eliminate this waste, we can begin to repair the broken promises we have made to our first responders and see an immediate implementation of Proposition B. This isn’t the last step either. To make up for the mayor’s betrayal, I will fight as city councilmember to offer jobs back to every single firefighter caught in the crossfire of this political retaliation scheme.


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Click the link below to share my demands for our firefighters! We can uphold our promise to our brave first responders without a single tax increase or layoff. To do this, we need leadership on the council who will fight back against the forces leading this betrayal campaign. I pledge to keep Houston's promise and protect the men and women who keep our families safe.


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