What I'm Proposing

  • Full Budget Transparency: I am advocating for the release of a publicly-accessible, line-item list of every dollar and contract the City spends money on. As a taxpayer, you have a right to know how and where your dollars are being allocated.

  • Creating An Independent Inspector General: This council-approved role will serve to investigate cases of financial malfeasance, waste, and ethics violations throughout City Hall. The goal of this policy is to move the existing position further from the Mayor's office to allow for greater investigative freedom & access to public information. Findings from the investigations will be made available to the public.

  • Strengthening Council Power: This city has a strong-mayor form of government, meaning the mayor gets to set the agenda and decide when or if committees will meet. I would like to see a system that allows for greater representation from our district council members. Changing the city charter will serve to benefit our neighborhoods and prevent gridlock & complacency from taking place.

  • More Democratic Contract Approval: There are currently $400 million dollars in ongoing contracts being paid without the approval of city council. This is due to a loophole in state law that allows for contracts under $50,000 to be approved without a vote. I will fight to lower the limit by half to increase transparency & prevent unchecked waste in our budget.

  • Zero-Based Budgeting Approach: This is a common-sense policy to ensure that every dollar we spend is benefitting the people of Houston. Every year, we will build our budget from the ground up, keeping what works and replacing what doesn't. As a financial watchdog, I will make sure your dollars are best used to provide quality service to your neighborhoods.

  • Campaign Finance Reform: Our politicians receive vast amounts of campaign contributions from developers, city contractors, and special interests. This undoubtedly creates a pay-to-play culture that is bad for taxpayers & working Houstonians. I will fight to reform our campaign finance rules to root out pay-to-play & prevent the buying of elections by special interests.

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Click the link below to share my ideas for major ethics reform at City Hall! I believe it is imperative that we adopt these measures to fight corruption and mismanagement of our tax dollars. Our government should work for our families and neighbors, NOT powerful interests and city bosses!

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