Restoring Integrity To City Hall

What I'm Proposing

  • For too long, rampant pay-to-play schemes have strangled the City of Houston. Those who we’ve entrusted with power have used government as a means to enrich themselves and their friends with favorable contracts and unchecked waste. One of my first acts as City Councilman will be to call for a vote to create an independent Inspector General position. This role will serve to investigate cases of financial malfeasance and ethics violations throughout City Hall. This role cannot be fulfilled by our current Houston Legal Department who fights open records requests and transparency investigations at every turn.

  • This city is strong-mayor form of government. Our mayor gets to set the agenda and decide when or if committees will meet. As a result, our City Council council is stacked with rubber stamps and real blows to corruption cannot be dealt. I will work with other district and at-large councilmembers if necessary to make changes to the city charter so that elected members of neighborhoods have a larger voice in scrutinizing the way we do business.

  • Our mayor has avoided fulfilling promises such as Prop B and a comprehensive flood prevention effort due to supposed lack of funding at City Hall. There are currently 400 million dollars in ongoing contracts under $50,000 being paid without the required approval of city council. Too many contracts are intentionally set to be just below this threshold. I believe it is imperative that we lower the $50,000 limit for council review by half to increase transparency and end the unchecked waste taking place.

  • I will fight to mandate the release of a line-item, publicly accessible record of every contract the City is currently engaged in. You the taxpayer have a right to know where your money is going. In the 4th largest city in the country with a multi-billion dollar budget, there is no database detailing every vendor getting your tax dollars - this is absurd. If upon the release of this list we discover mismanagement and abuse, I will fight to end these contracts and find better avenues to serve the needs of our district.

  • I will provide through social media operation a full accounting of every penny being spent, wasted, or neglected in the fight to make Houston neighborhoods safe from unnecessary flooding. I vow to cut red tape and make sure the money gets to our neighborhoods, not the pockets of politically-connected developers.

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Click the link below to share my ideas for major ethics reform at City Hall! I believe it is imperative that we adopt these measures to fight corruption and mismanagement of our tax dollars. Our government should work for our families and neighbors, NOT powerful interests and city bosses!

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