Houston Must Protect Our Environment

What I'm Proposing

  • Crack Down On Illegal Dumping: I will work to raise penalties on companies or individuals who are dumping waste on our streets illegally. We also need to speed up pickup when these sites are identified to reduce the amount of time that the area is trashed. Prevention will require partnering between the City, the County, and the Constable to install cameras & enforce regulations.

  • Enforce Existing Environmental Ordinances: We need to enforce the rules we already have to ensure pollutant-emitting plants are not damaging the health of Houstonians. Our most vulnerable communities are often located near plants that ignore existing regulations & receive no punishment for doing so. I will work with both the companies & community leaders to ensure that clean air and water are protected across Houston.

  • Create More Green Space: Fighting for more green space and less concrete is a priority for two reasons. 1) It provides assistance to our flood prevention efforts by allowing for absorption and 2) it creates a more beautiful environment for residents to enjoy. This is a common-sense position to have that often goes ignored due to the power developers have over our politicians.

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We have an obligation to protect Houston's beauty and expand on efforts to crack down on unenforced regulations & illegal dumping. Being tough on non-compliance will allow us to ensure every Houstonian has clean air & water.

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