Houston City Council At-Large #4 candidate Anthony Dolcefino is the first November candidate to announce his stark opposition to the $3.5 billion Metro bond proposal.

I have promised Houstonians I will be a fiscal watchdog for their tax dollars. I cannot in good conscience sign off on a blank check to Metro, especially a check with such wildly astronomical numbers that are tone deaf to our current financial woes.

Metro has used more than $3.3 billion in sales tax revenue in the last five years, nearly equivalent to this bond amount. In 2017, the U.S. Inspector General’s Office warned against major additions to the transit system.

This $3.5 billion down payment is an affront to Houston taxpayers. Metro has to explain why these expansions are needed when the last two rail line extensions have such low ridership. We need to see who actually rides the $300 million investment we are already making in the Uptown bus project, for example, before we consider one more penny.

Metro discloses details of how our dollars are spent on a "need-to-know" basis, and this is unacceptable. Houston taxpayers shouldn’t be held hostage to these insane expansions, burning hundreds of millions of their dollars on wasteful projects that yield zero results.

Government proves time and time again their inability to effectively utilize tax revenue. The $1.2 billion received in Harvey relief yielded a grand total of four home repairs in two years. The last major Metro expansion in the East End cost $3,000 per inch of new rail. With numbers like these, one would be out of their mind to sign off on another blank check.

We live in a city that constantly claims financial hardship, yet we would rather lay off first responders than give them the fair pay the voters approved. We aren’t investing in new fire cadet classes, and A/C systems in fire trucks are broken. We have already spent millions in Harvey money and have only repaired FOUR homes. Our infrastructure is in a state of disrepair.

Now is not the time to play a shell game with Houston taxpayers’ money, diverting more dollars to places that only benefit powerful Metro stakeholders and Turner cronies rather than the people of Houston.

Oh, and the final sucker punch — We are told by Metro that this $3.5 billion isn’t the final tab — it’s just a down payment.

Houston, it’s time to slow the train down.


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