The City We Love Is At A Crossroads.

To my friends and neighbors in Houston,

Over the past few years, our community has endured substantial hardships from the disaster of Hurricane Harvey, which left the lives of thousands of Houstonians destroyed. We banded together to move forward from this tragedy, but we have been deserted by a city government broken by mismanagement and political corruption from Mayor Sylvester Turner. It is unacceptable that a full two years after Harvey, as we prepare for another Hurricane season, families living near our city's bayous fear the day another hurricane arrives due to the shattered state of our flood prevention infrastructure.

There is a clear answer why. A recent study conducted from the University of Illinois uncovered that Houston beats out New Orleans, Boston, and Sacramento in public corruption convictions. Houston is a city that excels in many things - corruption should no longer be one of them. Pay-to-play runs rampant, and not just hidden in the over $400 million dollars in unvetted contracts our city is currently engaged in. The city Legal Department fights requests for public information at every turn, trading transparency for the favor of city bosses. Our mayor has lined the pockets of business associates and friends alike, in one instance granting an unexplained large share of a $35 million dollar contract to a former law partner.

After the betrayal of our firefighters committed by Mayor Turner and his allies on the City Council, I became deeply disturbed at the nature of how business was being conducted in our city government. Each day I would witness examples of broken promises, from the will of the voters being shrugged off to the failure of our city to execute a task as simple as recycling pickup. In a world class city, this state of affairs is unacceptable. Our firefighters are among the lowest paid out of any major city in America. Our bayous cannot handle any heavy rainfall without fear of another flooding disaster. Our streets are covered with potholes, posing an unignorable public safety risk to our commuters and families.

The only way this changes is if we demand something fundamentally new on election day. Houston needs an honest, clear and independent voice speaking up for a better way of doing the people’s work. I hope to honor my family’s legacy of fighting for transparency and against the waste of your hard-earned tax dollars in my work as your city councilman. I pledge to serve only YOU, my neighbors -- not powerful special interests and corrupt city bosses.

Send a message with me this November that our futures are NOT for sale to the highest bidder or the politically connected. It's going to take all of us to send that message to City Hall. I am eager to earn your vote.


Anthony Dolcefino

Candidate for Houston City Council, At-Large #4

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Meet Anthony

Houston deserves a fighter.

Anthony has always been a bold voice for what he believes in, speaking truth to power wherever he sees injustice. A lifelong Houstonian and outspoken conservative activist from the University of Texas, Anthony has now shifted focus to tackle the deep-seated issues of corruption and waste at City Hall. He hopes to uphold his family's legacy of fighting for transparency in our city government and usher in a new way of doing business at City hall. If we are going to solve tough issues relating to flooding, first responders, infrastructure, homelessness, and more, we need a councilmember dedicated to being a warrior for the people. Anthony is prepared to do just that - not for the favor of powerful interests and city bosses, but for YOU, his neighbors across Houston.

We need your help to do that. 

Join our fight to create a better city government for every Houstonian, not just the politically connected.