How To Move Houston forward


Far too often, City Hall works for powerful donors & special interests at the expense of people. Let's make City Hall work for YOU instead!


It's time we demand a plan of action to ensure our homes are safe for the next storm. Let me be your voice to demand accountability for our neighborhoods.


Houston is a first-class city. You deserve  smooth roads, walkable sidewalks, consistent garbage & recycling pickup, and proper drainage cleanup.


We need to pay our firefighters & put more police on the street. It's going to take smart solutions to keep our growing city safe.


It will take bold leadership to end illegal dumping, provide more green space, and keep Houston beautiful. 


We have a stray animal problem on our streets and in our shelters. I've consulted with the experts on how to solve this crisis.


Houston needs a fighter.

Anthony has always been a bold voice for what he believes in, speaking truth to power wherever he sees injustice. A lifelong Houstonian with a background in investigative research, Anthony is ready to ask the tough questions to those at the top. With a degree in political science from the University of Texas at Austin, Anthony has focused on tackling the special interests and corruption at City Hall. He hopes to uphold his family's legacy fighting for transparency in our city government and ushering in a more open and honest way of doing business. If we are going to solve tough issues relating to flooding, first responders, infrastructure, homelessness, and more, we need a council-member dedicated to being a warrior for the people. Anthony is prepared to do just that - not for the favor of powerful interests and city bosses, but for YOU, his neighbors across Houston.

We need your help to do that. Join our fight to create a better city government for every Houstonian, not just the politically connected.